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Myofunctional Therapy

STEP 1  | Evaluation

The first step is to have an evaluation which is a comprehensive assessment of function of all of the oral structures including a detailed case history since birth. This evaluation can take up to 2 hours and (in our office) yields an 8-9 written report with recommendations, referrals to other professionals if needed, and a plan for treatment moving forward. 

STEP 2  | Myofuctional Therapy


Myofunctional therapy can correct the oral rest postures of the tongue, lips, and jaw so the face and teeth can develop naturally. This therapy is appropriate for children ages 5 and up. *(For children under 5, see below). 



Your therapist will recommend beginning weekly therapy and assign 3-4 exercises that must be completed at least twice a day. For example, putting the tongue up behind the top teeth, but not TOUCHING the teeth, and holding it there for 30 seconds is one type of exercise.


Sounds easy right? There are requirements such as mouth is open wide and tongue is not allowed to move. You would be surprised to find out how many people cannot do something that seems so simple, especially when it comes to not moving the tongue. 

*For Children Under 5

Even though most children under 5 would not be candidates for a full myofunctional program, it does not mean they wouldn't benefit from an evaluation as it can identify any issues that may lead to a more serious myofunctional problem down the road. It will also assist the parents by providing necessary referrals for issues regarding airway, breathing, and tongue resting posture. Additionally, we have other treatment modalities that will put them on the right track for good facial and dental development.

Our goal is to normalize resting postures of the lips, tongue, and jaws so that healthy facial and dental development can occur naturally which in turn creates healthy airways and great sleep!

Myo Therapy
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